Why you need a buyers advocate for your next property investment

What is a buyers advocate?

Buyers advocates or property advocates are licensed professionals hired by someone who is looking to invest in property. The property advocate’s job is to find, evaluate, and negotiate the purchase of a property on the buyer’s behalf. Unlike a real estate agent a buyers advocate does not actually sell property or benefit from the sale of a property. A property advocate has the buyer’s best interests at heart, they assist them in making critical decisions around the purchase of a property to ensure the best possible outcome for the buyer.

What are the benefits of a Property Advocate?

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Save Money

The average buyer pays $11,000 too much for a property. The easiest way to avoid making this mistake is by hiring a buyers advocate. Property advocates are negotiating experts. It is their job to use insider’s knowledge of the market to ensure you are paying the right price for a property.

Save Time

Finding the right property for you can take hours of time and energy. Searching through hundreds of property listings, wasting weekends away by going to house inspections, it can be months before you find a suitable property. Hiring a buyers advocate could not only save you hours but months of tedious hard work. Their local knowledge will give them a head start in finding you the property that fit your brief perfectly, so you will only have to visit the right sort of property.

Access to Local Knowledge

Property advocates will have access to a range of resources that will help them find a property that is right for you. A property buyer will have access to market trends to ensure you will be investing in a property that has the greatest chance of growing in value over time. They also have access to property’s that are not currently on the market giving you an edge over your competitors.

Who benefits from the service of a buyers advocate?

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First home buyers

The average first home buyer will take between 7 and 12 months to find a home. It can certainly be a daunting experience, which is why have the help of a professional can really make all the difference.

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Buying a property for investment is different from buying a home. When purchasing a home you will be driven by personal requirements, for example, a location that is close to your work, or a property with a yard for the dog. Investing, on the other hand, is all about numbers. A property advocate has the insider’s knowledge, the experience and the expertise to find a property that will ensure you are investing in a property in a location with good prospects for capital growth.

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Mums and dads

Parents are often time poor. Don’t waste precious time that could be spent with the family, searching through hundreds of listings and visiting countless properties in search of the perfect home for your family. Let a buyer’s advocate do that for you. A property advocate can take the emotion and stress out of looking for a family home by doing the work for you and finding you the perfect property based on your personalised criteria.

What Services does a Property Advocate Provide?

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A buyers advocate offers a number of services. You might hire them to find you your dream property. They can use their expertise negotiate you a good price. They can even help with the drawing up contracts that secure you what you need. You may want the full service in which a property advocate will be with you from the very start to find the property, negotiate the price and help you sign the contracts so you can rest easy that you are getting the best possible outcome for your property investment.