A beginner’s guide to buyers agents
in Brisbane

The property market has grown significantly in the past several years and Brisbane’s buyer’s agents have contributed to the success of many investors.  The following guide has been assembled to help you understand the benefits of using an independent buyer’s agent in Brisbane’s booming investment property market.

What is a buyers agent?

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Buyer’s agents (also known as ‘buyer’s advocates’) are licensed professionals that specialise in assessing, inspecting, negotiating, settling, and managing the process of buying a property on behalf of the buyer. A buyers agency does not sell property but works exclusively for the buyer to find them the best property for the best value to suit their need.

Many people confuse buyers agents with real-estate or property agents. The major difference between the two is who they represent.

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What are the Benefits of a buyers agent?


A buyers agent will have extensive experience in purchasing property and will be of the utmost value to the buyer when it comes to negotiating a property purchase.


A buyers agent Brisbane will have exclusive knowledge of property trends in each suburb. They will be able to advise you on what other people are paying for properties in that area to ensure you do not over pay for your property.

Save Time – Looking for a property can be extremely time consuming. A buyer’s agent can save you time by doing the research for you and finding a property that fits your brief.


A buyers agent has access to information that is not readily available to the general public.  This includes knowledge of property’s that are not yet on the market.

Less stress

Buying a property can be incredibly stressful. As a buyer, having just one agent who is working for your benefit is a lot less stressful then dealing with a number of different sellers.

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Services on offer


If you are looking for a property in Brisbane but don’t know where to start, a buyers agent will find you a property that most accurately fills the description of what you are looking for.


Once the buyers agent finds a property you like they then conduct detailed research of the property and the area, to determine the value of the property

Negotiate – Based on their assessment of the property’s value, the buyers agent will negotiate a price with the property’s real estate agent and owner.


The buyers agent will ensure the settlement process of purchasing a property runs smoothly.

Auction bidding

If a buyer has their eye on a property that is going to auction, a buyers agent will help to take the stress and emotion out of the process. Prior to the auction the buyers agent will stratergise with the buyer to ensure the best possible outcome of the auction.

Who would benefit from the services of a buyers agent?

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First home buyers

 First-time buyers are particularly vulnerable when it comes to purchasing property, as they do not have the knowledge or experience to properly negotiate the purchase of a new house.  A buyers agent will greatly increase a first home buyers chances of getting a good price for their investment.

Universal Buyers Agents


Investing in a property is different to buying a home. A property investment is all about the numbers aligned with knowledge or market trends and up and coming area. A buyer’s agent will help you invest in a property.

Universal Buyers Agents

International or Out of State Buyers

If you are looking to purchase property in Brisbane from out of state or abroad you need an expert on the ground. Buyer’s agents in Brisbane will have a strong understanding of the property value based on their knowledge of the area. They can also expose the buyer to the right properties in the right area for a good price.